Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

We value our clients and our inaugural client survey has shown us that the feeling is mutual.

Here are some of their comments.

“What do you value most when seeking advice from your financial adviser?”

  • “honesty, reality etc. plus a high level of financial expertise” (John Robinson) - client Veronica Cleary
  • “quick to follow up on questions and actions” (John Robinson) - clients Graeme & Lesley Palmer
  • “up to date info and change if needed on shares” (John Robinson) - client Neville Risely
  • “RESPONSIVENESS and well considered advice. Always receive timely response and action from our current adviser (John Robinson)” - clients Peter & Beth Valentine
  • “real advice and realistic outcomes” (Jonathon Croome) - client Ben Gardam
  • “the sense that our adviser has carried out a considered review of our portfolio and made appropriate recommendations” (Jonathon Croome) - client Allan Patman
  • “relaxed & honest advice.  Good personal one on one” (Nathan Menegon) - client John Poynter
  • “updates on changes to rules and regulations. Providing an understandable explanation of any changes.  Discussion on investment alternatives” (Peter Krstic) - client Harvey Cusick
  • “a heart to heart talk - about the subject - no beating about the bush - from top adviser” (Peter Krstic) - client Robert Drummond
  • “honesty and foresight” (Tony Smith) - client Rita Knox
  • “having confidence in him and knowing my investment is safe” (Tony Smith)
  • “good advice” (Alan Palmer) - client Cyril Clark

“What is the main reason you do business/seek advice from SMF Wealth Management?”

  • “good value for what we pay for and saves us reverting to SMSF” (John Robinson) - clients Graeme & Lesley Palmer
  • “consistently and "peace of mind" in managing super regulations” (John Robinson) - clients Peter & Beth Valentine
  • “excellent ongoing relationship.  Keeps me informed without me feeling like I need to do anything myself” (Jonathon Croome) - client Anne Godman
  • "very happy with the management of my financials" (Jonathon Croome) - client Helen Turnbull
  • “appreciate personal touch & how things have been handled” (Nathan Menegon) - client Morris Bloom
  • “to stay in control of my super!” (Nathan Menegon) - client John Poynter
  • “easy access to an advisor.  Easy access to information on the website.  Professional advice on the investment alternatives” (Peter Krstic) - client Harvey Cusick
  • “to maximise my investments in line with global trends” (Peter Krstic) - client Robert Meyers
  • “I cannot recall having had better advice from any previous advisers. Trust is uppermost” (Tony Smith) - client Rita Knox
  • “to provide us with any finance matters and investment” (Tony Smith) - client Helen Maunder
  • “good advice” (Alan Palmer) - client Cyril Clark
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